the zen of color

Well, I must say that I’m struggling with classes this session. I feel that my prof is cold and critical, yet maybe it’s me. I am working towards the zen of color which is a wonderful lesson to grasp a hold of and to learn, yet I’m burnt and unfeeling at the moment. Cold and negative in color. What a catch 22 for color class, yet is it? The art of the color that play around another is that it can really pull or push on each other. One hue adds, as another subtracts. Is this the push and pull of my life? If so, I am stepping up, and will step down. I will accomplish, I will admit that I’m swamped, yet I crave more.. I do need to find a balance.. I have to accomplish this desire of mine.. this degree… as well as my legend…..

keep on pushing.. keep on pushing…

I need YOGA!!!!! 🙂