Time for a Change….

Well, I must say that the past few weeks have been outrageously busy with school and TRF. I have worked while contemplating and contemplating work while driving the miles. I feel that this creates inspirations in thankfulness and appreciation, and also new paths to travel and explore.

TRF was long, fast, and slammed into 8 weeks of emotional turmoil. This was a stressed year for many, but I feel that it pushed and pulled in creative ways creating and destroying the creative clay. I felt this in many of the performers as well as shop owners and patrons. We made many changes within the shop and patterns of how to manage the 60,000 people a weekend. I’m sure this was quite a new experience for many.

I had many new inspirations this year in photography. Branches I have never explored before but always admired. I feel reborn and fresh in the all and all. I have embarked upon new photography journeys that have lead to other new journeys. I explored the beautiful faces of Shunyata, the echo of the Tartanic bagpipes on the wind of Scotland, as well as the fire hot gypsies of Gypsy Dance Theatre, as you’ve seen in my latest galleries. I feel like I’ve traveled a bit the world in 8 weekends, just an hour away from my country paradise.

Now that it’s over, I am embarking upon a new journey of the subtle warmth and the reflections of a person. I want to capture the softness of beauty instead of the strength of beauty in performance. I am evolving to the soft warmth of fire and sensuality as well as the reflections of couples in strong mirrors. A reflection of each other within a reflection of them both, within one person and a reflection of another becoming one person. Using mirrors and light I begin this new photographic journey.. A journey of telling another story with my photographs…….