It’s been a while…


I should say that I’ve been so swamped with school and kids that I’ve hardly updated here. I am happy to say that I’ve been making really good grades in school though and that’s well worth the time spent there. I finally decided to go out and have some fun with friends last night and felt it was well deserved. Here is a link to a slide show of some photos from the show I went to last night, Vagabond Swing. I have to keep my skill in practice and be ready for Bayou Fest coming up. I’m very excited to also be in a Photojournalism class next session. 2 1/2 weeks!


Time for a Change….

Well, I must say that the past few weeks have been outrageously busy with school and TRF. I have worked while contemplating and contemplating work while driving the miles. I feel that this creates inspirations in thankfulness and appreciation, and also new paths to travel and explore.

TRF was long, fast, and slammed into 8 weeks of emotional turmoil. This was a stressed year for many, but I feel that it pushed and pulled in creative ways creating and destroying the creative clay. I felt this in many of the performers as well as shop owners and patrons. We made many changes within the shop and patterns of how to manage the 60,000 people a weekend. I’m sure this was quite a new experience for many.

I had many new inspirations this year in photography. Branches I have never explored before but always admired. I feel reborn and fresh in the all and all. I have embarked upon new photography journeys that have lead to other new journeys. I explored the beautiful faces of Shunyata, the echo of the Tartanic bagpipes on the wind of Scotland, as well as the fire hot gypsies of Gypsy Dance Theatre, as you’ve seen in my latest galleries. I feel like I’ve traveled a bit the world in 8 weekends, just an hour away from my country paradise.

Now that it’s over, I am embarking upon a new journey of the subtle warmth and the reflections of a person. I want to capture the softness of beauty instead of the strength of beauty in performance. I am evolving to the soft warmth of fire and sensuality as well as the reflections of couples in strong mirrors. A reflection of each other within a reflection of them both, within one person and a reflection of another becoming one person. Using mirrors and light I begin this new photographic journey.. A journey of telling another story with my photographs…….


the zen of color

Well, I must say that I’m struggling with classes this session. I feel that my prof is cold and critical, yet maybe it’s me. I am working towards the zen of color which is a wonderful lesson to grasp a hold of and to learn, yet I’m burnt and unfeeling at the moment. Cold and negative in color. What a catch 22 for color class, yet is it? The art of the color that play around another is that it can really pull or push on each other. One hue adds, as another subtracts. Is this the push and pull of my life? If so, I am stepping up, and will step down. I will accomplish, I will admit that I’m swamped, yet I crave more.. I do need to find a balance.. I have to accomplish this desire of mine.. this degree… as well as my legend…..

keep on pushing.. keep on pushing…

I need YOGA!!!!! 🙂

Today’s Meditation and Music…

Today I realize I need more meditation and reflection within in my life. Pixie told me I need to find the inner plateau of my photography. The place where I am in my soul thriving. When I meditate on this to feel for it I realize it is not only an expression of others with portraits, but an expression of my soul, how I see others souls, and how to capture that with warmth and love to share with them. This plateau can’t be hard to reach it’s just the part of letting go and finding it. As I begin my journey today as a portrait artist, I will find that quiet place and breathe, meditate. I will let go of my fears, connect with the spirit, and listen to my soul.