Moving Forward/Gaining Momento Again

So Happy 2013 everybody!  It’s been a rough year for me.  Finally cleaned out my home of all things wanted and the stuff I could leave behind.  My load feels lighter and I’m starting to get creativity back.  It’s a huge mental strain to live with and take care of someone you love very dearly and watch their mind go in the process of aging.  My grandmother has dementia.  It’s entering into the last stages with cross-overs of some of the stages.  She has good days and bad days and my mood seems to be dominated by her day.  It’s mentally exhausting at times.. There are times where I just can’t keep the tears from falling especially with the look on her face when she knows that her mind is leaving her.  With all that said, I do have to mention that 2012 has been the best year for my photography in creating a new workflow, learning how to light my subject better, and gaining new clients.  This helps my depression tremendously when I think about it and review it over… Yes, I’ve been extremely depressed, but 2013 is the year I’m dedicating to crawling out of that hole.. Here’s one of my favorite images so far from this year.  I actually took this in 2011, but revisited it this year with my new editing programs and workflow.  🙂  Enjoy…

Trisheth..  Lady of the Lake…



Photo of the day…

I have always loved turtles. They have been one of my spirit animals for many years. When I think about animal talk and meditate on spiritual meaning of the turtle I think of slowly coming out of a shell and focusing towards getting to that goal.. Very appropriate for me today as I’ve been reorganizing my website this week and working towards getting back to my passion of photography. When you have a life changing event that effects your whole family in upheaval, it is so easy to retract back into a shell and become depressed… you can tend to stay in the shell tucked away in armor so not to hurt any more… Well, here’s a baby turtle venturing out and away from momma to see what the world has to offer… ❤


Time For Renewal

So recently I’ve been MIA due to moving in with my elderly grandmother and uncle.  I ended up quitting school and basically taking a huge break from my photography.  I went completely artistically stagnant it seems.  I have been watching and letting visions come to me…  letting the ideas find me instead of endlessly chasing for something at some end of a tunnel.  In this time off I have seen many things I have been doing seem to need change.  Well here I am, back again, refreshed, and enlightened anew.  This weekend starts the first of multiple shoots I’ve done in a while focusing on what I enjoy doing and making money at it is just the bonus….